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A pipe bender and its peculiar properties

Pipe bending tool

Formation of smooth corner, partial curve or circle is very often required at production of the wide variety of metal structures made of a shaped pipe. Let’s lay emphasis on the fact that all pipes are originally made as straight. Frequently, it is much more convenient to make a pipe bend for the correspondent configuration after measurements onsite, but not to purchase finished bend pipes. That’s why dedicated equipment is purchased with increasing frequency in small plants: a pipe bending machine or hand pipe bender.

"It should be noted that an up-to-date pipe bender is sufficiently easy-to-work and any significant physical efforts aren’t required at working with this. For example, proposed hand pipe benders BlackSmith are equipped with a leverage mechanism. Also, we have a range of pipe bending machines with hydraulic or electrical drive generating the required effort."

Pipe benders - the main functionality

The operating principle of pipe benders of all types is approximately the same. As a rule, two working zones are designed in a pipe bender for metal rolling. Each of the working zones has the different distance between support shafts that increases functionality of a machine or hand tool. Pipes for production of products with smaller radius of a bend are processed on one side and bigger radius - on the other side. Also, a machine can bend a bar on an edge.

A hand pipe bender performs the following operations: bending of an arch and bending of rings. Small weight (65 kg) allows transportation of a hand pipe bender to a place of installation of light metal structures (greenhouses, doors, gates, etc.). Parameters of materials processed by a hand pipe bender: Ø 30mm pipe, 40x40mm pipe, 40x10mm flat, 16x16 square, and Ø 16mm bar. A range of processed metal can be extended due to different mandrels.

An electric pipe bending machine is used to bend pipes of different cross-sections commercially and for intense use. The high performance of electric pipe benders is achieved due to additional functions, such as rotation of shafts in both directions (reverse) and control with foot pedals or buttons in a control panel.

In this case, comparatively low cost of our pipe bending tool allows its purchase even for small production. Capabilities of electric bending machines: bending of an arch from a round pipe of Ø 30mm and square pipe of 80 х 40mm as well as from a square of 16 х 16mm and bars of Ø 16mm.

Also, electric pipe bending machines are equipped with additional removable mandrels for each specific case in order to match the diameter or configuration of a pipe cross-section.