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Key differences between BendMax-200 and BendMax-300 benders

Трубогибы BendMax-200 и BendMax-300

In September 2015, Smart&Solid represented a new range of Tube&Pipe benders - BendMax-200 and BendMax-300.

The general advantages of these models are:

  • Both benders are made in Russia.
  • The steel frame of the benders is powder coated.
  • All non-coated parts are galvanized have high corrosion resistance and high-aesthetic design.
  • High hardness of rollers (over 42-48 HRC). The rollers are made from high-quality metal and hardened.
  • A special notch of the upper roller prevents material shifting during the operation.
  • 100% repeatability of processed materials is achieved due to a measuring scale, as well as a convenient fixation system with a pressure screw.

Let’s take look at the differences of these two models:




Трубогиб BendMax-200

For home use and small serial production

Трубогиб BendMax-300

For blacksmith shops and mass production

Max. material dimensions (mm)

40 х 40 х 2

40 х 40 х 2,5

Max. center-to-center distance of lower rollers (mm)

300 мм

450 мм

A stroke limit nut on a pressure screw

Ограничительная гайка на поджимном винте у BendMax-200

"Two nuts allow to set a proper position of the pressure screw in order to maintain repeatability. Just fix them manually or by spanner ."

Ограничительная гайка на поджимном винте у BendMax-300

"Original design of the stroke limit nut of the pressure screw doesn’t require any special spanners for its installation. The bender comes with the hexagonal socket wrench."

Center-to-center distance of lower rollers positions

Количество положений фиксации ролика у BendMax-200


Количество положений фиксации ролика у BendMax-300

3 with a quick adjustment

Optional tooling

Not provided .

"Optional rollers for the round tube are available for purchase. And we still continue to extend the range of optional tools."

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