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BendMax­-300 Manual Tube & Pipe Bender


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Warranty 1 year

BendMax-300 - is an ideal solution for professionals and hobbyists. It can be used in the workshop, garage, farm or at the construction site.

We also offer a wide range of optional rollers for bending tube, pipe, angle,
flat bar and channel.

Made in Russia!


Arc bending
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BendMax­-300 Manual Tube & Pipe Bender

  • Lower rollers have width adjustment (our patent) and reliable protection against the shifting of material.
  • Adjustable center-to-center distance of the lower rollers (3 positions) - to achieve min and max bending radius.
  • Very quick and easy to change the lower rollers - NO wrenches required.
  • A special notch of the upper roller prevents material shifting during the operation.
  • The measuring scale helps to control specified bending radius.
  • High hardness of rollers (over 42-48 HRC). The rollers are made from high-quality metal and hardened.
  • Long lifetime - the steel frame is powder coated.
  • High corrosion resistance - all parts are zinc coated.
  • Lubrication is not required during the whole life of the bender - the sealed bearings preventing penetration of dust.
  • Portable and time-saving - the small weight and size allow quickly mount the bender on a work place.

Warranty - 1 year

Technodor LLC warrants that the bender will conform to the technical specifications and be free of any defects in materials and workmanship.

Material type
Dimensions Min bend dia. *  
square tube 40х40х2,5mm
solid square bar 16х16mm 450mm
solid round rod
Ø 20mm 450mm
flat metal strip

Processed materials: Mild steel, copper, aluminium.

* Please note: theoretically possible dimensions are specified. Real diameter can be different depending on the quality of the processed material and material properties.

The bender comes with:

  • Universal rollers (0-40mm) - 1 set
  • Allen key- 2 pieces
  • Instruction manual (ENG.)- 1 piece

Processing capacities

Arc bending
Arc bending
Solid square bar

Solid square bar

20 x 20
Flat metal strip

Flat metal strip

40 x 10
Solid round rod

Solid round rod

Square tube

Square tube

40 х 40 х 2,5
Round tube & Pipe

Round tube & Pipe



Warranty 1 year
Article code BendMax­-300
Gross weight (kg) 27.00
Package type carton box
Package dimensions (mm) 610 x 460 x 230
Diameter of the upper roller (mm) Ø 75
Width of the upper roller (mm) 72
Diameter of the lower roller (mm) Ø 55
Width of the lower roller (mm) 90
Max. stroke length of the upper roller (mm) 70
Min. center-to-center distance of lower rollers (mm) 250
Max. center-to-center distance of lower rollers (mm) 450
Max. profile dimensions (mm) 15x15x2.5mm, 20x20x2.5mm, 25x25x2.5mm, 30x30x2.5mm, 40x40x2.5mm
Min. bend radius (mm) 450, 500, 550, 600
Trademark Smart&Solid
Manufacturer Technodor LLC, Russia