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MAG 606 ON/OFF Switch Welding Magnet


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Warranty 1 year

ON/OFF Welding Magnets can be widely used for welding, soldering, assembling and pipe installation.

Perfect for round, square and shaped tubing, angle, and flat stock.    

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MAG 606 ON/OFF Switch Welding Magnet

  • It can be easily installed and removed (turn ON when ready to work and turn OFF for quick release);
  • provides accurate positioning and reliable fixing of the parts;
  • easy to clean metal chips and small metal objects;
  • timesaving;
  • no need to use an awkward clamps.
  • Size: A=135 mm, B=130 mm, C =151mm

    Thickness: 32,5 mm

    Pull force: 24 kg



Warranty 1 year
Type of magnet switched
Material of magnet rare-earth permanent magnet
Angles 45°, 90°, 135°
Maximum effort, kg 24
Thickness, mm 32,5
Trademark Smart&Solid
Manufacturer Technodor LLC, Russia