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OOO Technodoor warrants that our products and replacement parts will conform to the technical specifications and be free of any defects in materials and workmanship.

Warranty period

12 months from the date of Order delivery.

This warranty does not apply

We disclaim any liability for claims arising out of our products improper installation, misuse and/or lack of maintenance.


Please carefully read the Instruction Manual before operation and keep it for future reference.

Warranty Returns Procedure

  1. Please fill out and send us the Customer Complaint Form:
    If you do not provide us with the photos and video of the product or if we can not determine the manufacturing defect on the photos and video provided, we will ask you to send us the product at your expense.
  2. When our Service Department verifies the manufacturing defect, we will send you a new product within 30 calendar days at our expense.
  3. In case our Service Department determines there is no manufacturing defect, or that the defect resulted from improper installation, misuse and/or lack of maintenace, we will send the product back to you within 30 calendar days at your expense.